Book: How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans and Their Survivors

How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans and Their Survivors

If you are looking for help applying for a VA Benefit for yourself or a loved one, consider purchasing our new book How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans and Their Survivors (published in 2019).

This how to apply book is a welcome and needed resource for veterans and their families. It incorporates the newest claims procedures from the Department of Veterans Affairs along with detailed instructions on how to submit applications for over 25 different types of disability claims including Pension, Death Pension, DIC, Compensation, Burial Benefits, and others. More About the Book...

Various VA Forms and Applications in PDF Format

Below is a list of the most commonly used forms for senior veterans or their survivors seeking to apply for compensation or pension benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Not all of the forms would be necessary if applicable information is available from other sources or substantiating documents are available in another form.


VBA Form 21-526EZ -- Veteran's Application for Disability Compensation & Related Benefits

VBA Form 21-527EZ -- Veteran's Application for Pension
Veterans Pension is sometimes called the Aid and Attendance Benefit. Learn more about the complete claim process.

VBA Form 21-534EZ -- Surviving Spouse or Child's Application for Death Pension, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), and/or Accrued Benefits

SF 180 -- Request Pertaining to Military Records (used to obtain DD 214 discharge record)

VBA Form 21-22a -- Appointment of Individual as Claimant's Representative

VBA Form 21-2680 -- Examination for Housebound Status or Permanent need for Regular Aid and Attendance (Completed by Claimant's Physician)

VBA Form 21-4142 -- Consent To Release Medical Information To The VA

VBA Form 4138 -- Statement In Support Of Claim

VBA Form 21-0845 -- Authorization to Disclose Personal Information

Care Provider Report (Completed by Claimant's Care Provider & used to provide evidence of recurring medical expenses)

VBA Form 21-0779 -- Request for Nursing Home Information

IMPORTANT: When applying for Pension, the claimant(s) should supply VA with an original or certified copy of the veteran's discharge papers. VA also needs proof that the claimant(s) are actually paying for care; supplying the VA with receipts or invoices marked paid for un reimbursed care costs (e.g. home care or assisted living) will provide them with that proof. It is also useful for those applying for death pension to send a copy of their marriage certificate and a copy of the veteran's death certificate along with their application.

These forms are often used for supplemental information or for purposes such as the EVR, application for HISA grants and other reporting requirements.