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About the SVSA & Our Mission

Who We Are

The Senior Veterans Service Alliance is a not for profit corporation that supports veteran and their families. We also sponsor eldercare related businesses (which we call listing providers) across the United States. We are not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The following individuals can register to become free members of the SVSA:

  • veterans,
  • spouses of veterans, or
  • their adult children.

The Eldercare services listing on this site include the following:

These services do not help directly with veterans benefits, but their assistance is vital in helping senior households economize their remaining resources.

Our Mission

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are 22.7 million veterans in the United States.  Fully 55% of these people are age 60 and older.  Many of the veterans benefits now available are not relevant to these older veterans or are no longer available to them; but, there are still benefits to assist older veterans that are not being utilized to the fullest extent. In addition, we have found that many of our nation's seniors, whether veterans or not, are struggling with a myriad of financial and emotional challenges in their final years of life.

Our mission is twofold. First, we are dedicated to helping elderly seniors who served their country learn about support services available from VA. Second, we provide a national website listing of dedicated professionals to help seniors better prepare for their final years of life. This national network of providers and advisers includes financial advice, legal help, preparation for eldercare, education on government support programs, care provider services and much more.

This twofold approach to supporting our valiant elderly veterans, who served our country in a time of need, will improve the dignity, financial staying power and well-being of these valued American seniors.

Policy on Referrals

The SVSA may refer you to the services listed above to ensure that a variety of eldercare services are available to our visitors.