How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Recent and Senior Veterans and Their Survivors (2016 Edition)

How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Recent and Senior Veterans and Their SurvivorsThis new book (which includes the 2015-16 rates for Compensation and Pension) is a welcome and needed resource for veterans, their families, and for those who assist veterans. This book provides current information on VA Rules and detailed instructions on how to submit "Fully Developed Claims," to VA's new Intake Center, for 25 different types benefits.

$79.00 | 432 pages | Table of Contents

Includes NEW Addendum entitled: Understanding the Proposed Rules Changes for Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension


Most importantly, this "How to Apply" Book provides step-by-step instructions to make successful claims for:

DiscClaim Support Data Disc included!

Disc - Intake Center Mailing Information, 240 + VA forms, Rates, Detailed Checklists (with instructions for each type of claim), and an addendum on VA's Proposed Rule Changes for Pension.


The Senior Veterans Service Alliance is excited to introduce this new how to apply book as a welcome and needed resource for veterans and their families. We can find no other book currently available that incorporates the newest claims procedures from the Department of Veterans Affairs along with detailed instructions on how to submit claims for benefits. We offer you 432 pages of really good, useful information and instruction.

Many of the existing books about veterans benefits do an adequate job of explaining what the benefits are and what the rules are pertaining to acquiring these benefits. We are not aware of any books – other than our own – that go into detail on the actual process needed to obtain the benefit in a reasonable period of time. An initially unsupported claim decision seems to take about 8 to 18 months and is often a denial. Just simply submitting an application and sitting back for VA to take over and develop the claim, no longer works. There is such a huge backlog of these unsupported claims – about 1 million of them – you have little chance to get immediate attention from the service officers in your local VARO, Veterans Service Center, for a timely decision. Typically, only the claims that contain all the information necessary for the rating authority to make a decision, are handled expeditiously.

That is the essence of our new book. VA calls this process a "fully developed claim." A fully developed claim (FDC) incorporates (with initial submission) all of the VA Forms, Medical Evidence, and Supporting Documentation necessary for VA to make a decision on your application. It requires a great deal more effort and sometimes some out-of-pocket cash to generate a fully developed claim, but you will be amply rewarded for your efforts by getting a much quicker decision and one that is more likely to be favorable for your application for benefits.

This new book contains well-proven strategies for successful application for senior veterans' benefits.  Over 400 pages of valuable information and instruction are devoted to:


This publication addresses benefits that are generally applicable to senior veterans and their survivors to include:


This book also incorporates the new “fully developed claim” process (FDC) that generally results in faster decisions and a higher percentage of favorable decisions from your VA Regional Office.  Strategies and procedures include:


Here are the types of claims for benefits covered in this publication:


Here is a list of the categories of over 240 forms, examination worksheets, medical questionnaires and instructions on the Claim Support Data Disk